Delivered As Designed

At Kinco, we have extensive experience in the completion of fully commissioned projects. We embrace the process as an important and positive aspect of the building experience.

Commissioning provides a “systematic process of assuring that a building performs in accordance with the design intent and the owner’s operational needs”. In other words, commissioning ensures that a building performs correctly. Commissioning reduces the owner’s total cost of ownership by improving operations, avoiding problems, and enhancing energy efficiency. Additionally, the owner realized reduced risk and fewer change orders. Contractors see fewer call-backs. Commissioning also typically provides a quicker payback on energy savings.

In fundamental commissioning, the commissioning agent creates a commissioning plan, develops commissioning specifications and verifies installation and performance of commissioned systems. An enhanced commissioning would include reviews of design and submittals, assist contractor with production of operations and maintenance manuals and training and perform the 10-month warranty follow up.