Kinco’s positive safety record stems from a proven, three-pronged approach that is the foundation of the companies’ commitment to protect our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and clients.

Written Policies and Training

All Kinco employees are trained in — and must follow — standard safety rules, instructions and procedures. We enforce safety guidelines that go beyond OSHA standards and maintain a written policy to guide all our safety-related operations.

Project-specific Plans

The job Superintendent prepares a safety plan specific to every project, and is the on-site manager responsible for assuring compliance by everyone working on your project.

Safety Director

Kinco has a full time safety director who assures that the safety policies of the company are being followed while constantly keeping the company on the cutting edge of safety technology and training. By adhering firmly to this philosophy, Kinco routinely has achieved an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) well below the industry average. EMR is an insurance industry measurement comparing a company’s past cost of injuries and future chances of risk against the construction industry as a whole. Our approach also results in less disruption of the schedule, better productivity, more consistent processes and higher quality, all of which translate into a superior end result for your project at a more competitive cost.

Kinco was the proud 2018 Winner of the Associated General Contractors of America Willis Towers Watson Safety Award

AGC OSHA Partner


Olmstead, Jeff - Safety Director

Jeff Olmsted