Kinco Assists with ABC Youth Carpentry Workshop

ABC Facebook post on their Youth Summer Carpentry Workshop:

On July 21st, we (ABC) hosted a COVID-19 friendly Youth Summer Carpentry Workshop at the Arkansas Construction Trades Academy. This workshop was designed to introduce students to the basics of hands on learning that is associated with the carpentry trade. Under the guidance of Josh Aldridge and Cody Malone, Project Managers from Kinco Constructors (a large general contractor that serves the state of Arkansas) students learned and implemented key carpentry concepts. First, each student was given their own PPE (personal protective equipment) and Kinco swag bags to keep! Students then learned about career opportunities in this industry, reviewed all the tools that are essential to the carpentry trade, and learned how to properly read a tape measure. After some instruction, students constructed two table saws which involved properly measurering two-by-fours, using a miter saw to cut the right size boards, using power drills to connect the pieces correctly, then reviewing the finished product to learn how to improve. After all this practice, students were broken into four small groups where they were given a set of instructions on how to build an Adirondack patio/deck chair. Josh and Cody supervised the groups but for the most part, the students figured things out on their own and constructed the chairs by thoroughly reading the plans and working together as a team. There were many lessons learned along the way and everyone had fun! We didn’t quite finish the chairs, but thankfully, four families wanted to take them home and complete them on their own time. What a great way to extend the project! We are grateful to the parents that allowed their children to come learn with us. And we can’t thank Josh, Cody, and Kinco Constructors enough for helping us teach these kids new skills! It meant a lot to the kids to receive guidance from professionals working in the industry. What a fun afternoon!