Working in occupied spaces is a challenge, and Kinco embraces it with the right expertise and just the right touch.

Logistical hurdles inherent in any construction project increase exponentially when you add considerations of security and comfort for the client, guests and the public. Kinco succeeds with a proactive approach based on collaboration and communication. Here are just some of the steps that ensure that the client and the public are safe.

  • A “barrier maintenance” program to ensure that any penetration of existing walls was secured.
  • A mandatory sign-in program for all visitors.
  • A dress code for Kinco staff and subcontractors.
  • Constant communication in regard to the progress of the project.

Kinco also takes care to put the right people into place when working in occupied spaces, knowing that it requires a unique mentality. If you need a general contractor to care for your space and your people as if they were their own, then Kinco is your contractor.

Occupied Space Construction from Kinco
Occupied Space Construction from Kinco