Ortho Arkansas 3rd Floor Build-out


Little Rock, Arkansas


Cromwell Architects Engineers


Ortho Arkansas

The Ortho Arkansas medical office building third floor build-out in an operational medical office building, was an approximately 34,000 square foot wide open space that was not in use, and upon completion it had 30 exam rooms, 3 full-service lead shielded x-ray rooms, and 4 procedure/surgery rooms that were lead shielded for x-ray assisted surgeries. Approximately 1/3 of the space is a sterile surgery center with 16 prep/recovery rooms divided by curtains, welded sheet vinyl floors, epoxy wall paint with vinyl wall protection to chair rail height, a scrub sink, several clean rooms for storage and surgery prep, and 3 of the surgery rooms mentioned above. There are also 5 nursing stations, staff restrooms with showers, a break room, patient changing rooms, two large waiting rooms with high quality finishes, a secondary waiting room, dictation rooms, and manager offices.