Frank Broyles Field at Razorback Stadium


Fayetteville, Arkansas


McClelland Consulting Engineers


University of Arkansas

The natural grass surface of Frank Broyles Field at Razorback Stadium was replaced with a new synthetic in-fill technology surface. The apron around the field was also replaced with the new surface.

This project included demolition and removal of the existing grass surface and approximately ten inches of sand under the playing surface. New drainage media and drainage systems will double drainage for the new playing surface. Drainage systems under the apron, surrounding the field, were replaced. Eight water cannons previously used to irrigate the natural surface was relocated and is used to help maintain a lower temperature on the new artificial surface. New water lines will be installed to provide drinking water near the bench along with more electrical outlets for cooling fans. Additionally, pervious asphalt was installed surrounding the playing field, allowing for vehicular traffic.

The project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.