Dassault Falcon Jet 14 Bay Hangar


Little Rock, Arkansas


Hurd-Long Architects


Dassault Falcon Jet

Kinco completed the 245,000 square foot 14 bay hangar at the Dassault Falcon Jet facility in Little Rock in October of 2015. The project was delivered on time and within budget.

The size of the building and the open spans to accommodate the airplanes made the project a challenge to design and erect. The plate beams and girders were put together on the ground and erected half span at a time. A temporary tower was in place until the roof was erected and the structure was loaded. The deflection of the center span was monitored as the structure was loaded prior to final release from the temporary tower.

The skin was composed of metal insulated panels. The north and south elevation have a combination of colors while the east and west elevations are one color. Not only were the color and the panels different between the mentioned elevations, but also the installation system was different between these elevations due to the mentioned span.