Work Continues at Historic Cane Hill

Kinco’s work continues at Historic Cane Hill, as the restoration of the exterior of the Methodist manse (minister’s residence) got underway this week.

From the Historic Cane Hill website: Based on local history and the Manse’s 1980’s uncited National Register nomination form, the Methodist congregation constructed the Manse in 1834. At some time before the Civil War, they constructed a second church and converted this structure to a minister’s residence. During the Civil War, the Manse reportedly served as the headquarters for Union General James Blount during the nearby battles of Cane Hill and Prairie Grove, and as a hospital. After the war, the Manse again served as a residence for the Methodist minister. In 1904 the Methodist Church in Cane Hill disbanded. The building continued to be used as a private, non-church related residence through the 1990’s, with a number of alternations made to the building, including a rear addition, a second story, doorways along the rear wall, and an additional window added on its south and west walls