Methodist Family Health Residential Treatment Center


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Completing a design build facility in the center of an existing campus three months early.

Kinco Constructors teamed with Polk Stanley Wilcox architects to be the design build partner for Methodist Family Health’s new Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center on their oldest campus in Arkansas off of Filmore Street in Little Rock.  The building is a 33,652 two-story complex including patient rooms, therapy rooms, classrooms, offices, and recreational gym space in a modern and more efficient and welcoming space.  The building is designed and constructed to part of the healing environment including a more homelike space, with vibrant colors, and natural lighting.

The greatest challenge in constructing the project was that it had to be built in the very center of the existing residential treatment center campus for youth while maintaining existing operations.  This required our project team to do extensive preconstruction planning and coordination of all construction vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  Construction gates had to be supervised and locked at all times.  Safety fencing was walked and inspected for nearby dangers or gaps daily.  For example, tools could not be left within reach of someone trying to reach under or over the fence.  Crews also had to be cognizant of existing owner operations on such an active campus and coordinate construction activities to minimize disruptions and eliminate any chance of patient’s ability to gain access to the site, or tools.

In addition to working around the existing residential treatment facility operations, constructing a new psychiatric treatment center is not like typical construction.  Kinco’s experience combined with that of Polk Stanley Wilcox on materials that were durable and safe played a vital role in the success of the project.

Kinco utilized building information modeling technology in the coordination of all mechanical, electrical, fire protection and structural trades.  Leading several collaborative BIM working sessions allowed for Kinco team members to identify and mitigate numerous potential coordination issues in the field, including several involving plumbing stacks, and above ceiling trade coordination in the corridors to name of few of the cost saving conflicts we identified early.  Serving as the Design Builder Kinco lead all efforts to collaborate with all team members from designers to subcontractors and suppliers.  Utilizing our on-line collaborative expediting tools Kinco was able to ensure that all submittals, shop drawings and project communications were being addressed in timely fashion so as to deliver on the project schedule and budget.

Kinco was proud to partner with Methodist Family Health to build this challenging new state-of-the-art psychiatric residential treatment center for youth.  We are equally as excited that such a difficult project was completed on time and budget and most importantly with Zero Incidents and minimal disruptions to the owner’s existing operations.  In fact, due to Kinco’s ability to improve on the project schedule Methodist was able to take occupancy of the new building three months earlier than originally expected.